All jeep tours are personally guided by Eddy Croes, former lead ranger at Aruba’s famous Arikok National Park, who speaks five languages:  English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Papiamento.   We are flexible in scheduling and will try to accommodate large groups or special requests.

Full Day Jeep Tour with morning departures – $85/per person (US$)

This tour provides a full day of fun, adventure and learning and includes lunch at a local gathering spot and an opportunity to relax and swim or snorkel at Baby Beach. Through the daylong tour we will stop at various places of interest for short walks, to take pictures and for commentary from your guide. You’ll learn about the geology of the land and its rock formations, explore and experience Aruba’s abundant natural resources and hear about the history and culture of its people. Cool drinking water is provided during the tour, however participants may want to bring along fruit or a light snack.

Tour Itinerary

The tour starts with pick up at your hotel and a short briefing and overview of the tour. From there, a unique and interesting journey begins – starting at the westernmost point of the island near the California Lighthouse and ending at Seroe Colorado – the easternmost point of the island.

Next the monster jeep climbs over the rough terrain to bring the tour to a high vantage point at Sereo Crystal on the north coast. From here nearly two thirds of the island is visible. From there we will pass by the Ayo Rock formations and the Donkey Sanctuary, and along the way, encounter dry river beds – perfect for picture-taking.

The tour will then pass by Noord and follow the northern coastline leading to Aruba’s famous natural bridges carved out of the shoreline by years of crashing waves.  This will allow you to view the varied landscapes and unique geological formations that are found in Aruba.

The next stop is at the B55 Restaurant where you will have lunch in a relaxed and informal Arubian atmosphere.

After lunch, the tour heads through historic San Nicolas, which became a boomtown during the height of activity at the famous Esso (Lago) oil refinery. Rich in history, San Nicholas suffered a blow when the oil refinery closed down in 1985, however it is now enjoying a resurgence of activity and is home to new schools, a modern sports complex and a new state of the art hospital.

Reaching Sereo Colorado you will see the remains of the Esso Club, Esso Field and Lago Heights, the “Beverly Hills of Aruba” and learn about the history of “the wall”.

The next stop is at Baby Beach where you’ll have a chance to relax, cool down and swim, snorkel or just enjoy the beautiful beach. Beach chairs are included in the cost of the tour and snorkel equipment may be rented for a small additional fee.

Leaving Baby Beach the tour heads to the easternmost point of the island where you will be able to peer over the high cliffs for a spectacular view of the rough crashing waves that have formed a series of small natural bridges and smooth, flat rock ledges.

By the tour’s end you will have been transported completely across the island of Aruba – from the west coast to the east coast, through the countryside (cunucu), along the rugged north coast and finally, along the gentle leeward side of the island as we return you to your hotel.

Tour in comfort with a fantastic view.

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