Moonlight Walk (Available only as weather permits)
If you’ve ever wondered what Aruba’s night life is really like, join us on our Moonlight Walk.  Every month, during the evenings when the moon is full or nearly full, Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours embarks on a trip through the cunucu when the moon is shining brightly throughout the island.  See curious shapes formed by the shadows of cacti and rocks as the moon’s light shines down from above.  If the timing is right, you may just hear the hoot of the Shoco – a species of burrowing owl found only in Aruba.  This is truly a unique experience with nature that you won’t soon forget.  To find out when the next Moonlight Walk is scheduled, click here or send an email to

Private Customized Tours

Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours is happy to provide customized tours to meet specific requests or to accommodate people with special needs.  Simply click on the Contact tab above to email us information on your special request.


If you enjoy learning about a destination through hikes and tours like ours, you might also enjoy learning about Aruba’s incredible treasures under the sea.   The waters just offshore are filled with abundant sea life, natural reefs and many shipwrecks. JADS Dive Center is staffed by PADI Dive masters and PADI Scuba Instructors who provide a unique and personalized scuba diving experience with never more than 4 divers to 1 guide. To learn more about JADs Dive Center, click here.