Half-Day Hiking Tour (not offered daily – inquire about schedule)

$79/per person (US$).

Explore places in Aruba that few others have seen. A hiking tour with Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours delivers an out-of-the-ordinary experience that encompasses the beauty and natural wonders of Aruba.  Our hiking tours focus on intimate contact with the environment at some of the island’s most beautiful locations – many still remain untouched by noise and development.

Let us take you on a journey through areas like:

  • Dry Riverbeds
  • Historic Aruban locations
  • Abandoned Gold Mines

Each tour is customized to match the ability of the hikers participating in that tour.  Your hiking ability may range from:

  • Low (hardened passages) to
  • Intermediate (semi hardened passages) to
  • Extreme (walks to hard-to-reach places and some rock-climbing)

During each hike we take time to slow down, listen to the chirping of the birds and enjoy the beautiful surroundings by engaging all five senses.

All hiking tours are personally guided by Eddy Croes, former lead ranger at Aruba’s famous Arikok National Park, who speaks five languages:  English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Papiamento.  

To ensure the most enjoyable experience for every participant, Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours tries to schedule its hiking tours so that one common language is spoken by all participants.  We are flexible in scheduling and we’re happy to adjust our schedule to accommodate large groups.

For more information or to request a reservation and book a hiking tour now, click here.