Welcome to Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours – a unique concept that offers visitors to Aruba a truly authentic Arubian experience.

Aruba is much more than the beautiful white sandy beaches and calm turquoise Caribbean waters found in the popular resort areas. It is also home to a bounty of geological and historical treasures and to a variety of species that live in the island’s most untouched locations. All this and much more await your curious eyes to be enjoyed.

Engage your senses and experience so much more. During our special jeep tours and hikes, participants are encouraged to engage their five senses to reach out and not only explore – but experience the destination of Aruba beyond the beaches, commercial tours, casinos and typical tourist attractions.

Explore areas unknown by even the locals. Touch fossils and trace your fingers along the volcanic layers carved into the cliffs on the wild northern coast of the island. Smell the salty mist carried inland by the breezes as the waves crash against the rugged shoreline.

Learn about the real Aruba – its colorful history, natural treasures and its culture and traditions – strongly influenced by early Dutch settlers.

I am Eddy Croes, founder of Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours and I’ll be your guide. I am a former lead ranger at Aruba’s Arikok National Park and a lifelong resident of Aruba. Join me on one of the following:

  • Half day hiking tour
  • Full day jeep tour – includes short hikes, lunch and more from the unique vantage point of a monster jeep.
  • Customized private tours designed to accommodate special needs and requests

To learn more about Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours, jeep tours or hikes, or to schedule a tour or hike, click on an appropriate tab on the menu above.